Meet He Rose: Co-Founder & PRESIDENT at Testive

What are your main duties together with responsibilities within Testive?

Me one of the Co-Founders of Testive, and I in the morning also some sort of Ex-CEO. My main duties are (1) listening to families, (2) parent outreach, and (3) counseling the TOP DOG.

What’s the best part around working on Testive?

My favorite part can be watching people today grow and stay more than these people were right after they started. I’m just really fortuitous because I actually get to notice that directly from the staff, learners, and parents.

Giving up cigarettes not working, so what can you like to complete?

I am a prodigious designer of daughters. (I have got at least three, depending on when you’re reading this). My most important hobby is coaching athletes on your health.

What’s the perfect food?

The most popular food is simply chicken nuggets. I can actually eat 100 chicken nuggets in a sitting. Happily, chicken is a superb lean required protein amounts. For our vacation party, this co-worker, Alex, got me a shirt that will says ‘I love bird nuggets. ‘ You know how when you are wearing something that you love, consumers give you words of flattery about it? Effectively, I dressed in the tee shirt on my way your home and 5 different people informed me they loved it.

Exactly what is your favorite picture and why?

My favorite picture is 3. It’s the report of a select few of adeptly trained Spartan soldiers protecting and out-battling 100, 000 attacking meatheads. Lire la suite